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Table Tennis

Table tennis in Shetland has an enthusiastic and experienced local following, with a small number of players who have made their mark on the Scottish competition circuit.

The table tennis programme of the Games sees normally sees the team events played in the first half of the week, with the singles and doubles matches then played in group and play-off stages. Teams of up to four men and four women per island are allowed and the number of matches needing to be played means that events often run into the late evening.

Local table tennis player, Lynda Flaws, is one of Scotland’s most successful junior players and has been Shetland’s strongest competitor at recent Games.

Shetland Table Tennis Association is represented on SIGA by Dawid Nir.

Shetland Medals for Table Tennis

Men's DoublesChristie C - Kubelka ISilver2005
Mixed DoublesChristie C - Flaws LBronze2005
Team EventShetlandBronze2005
Women's DoublesClark S - Flaws LSilver2005
Women's DoublesBruce J - Inkster FBronze2005
Women's DoublesBruce J - Flaws LSilver2007
Women's SinglesLynda FlawsSilver2011

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