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Indoor bowls is popular sport in Shetland and has appeared at the Games twice - in Guernsey in 1987 and in Shetland in 2005. On both occasions Shetland bowlers have taken medals including a number of bronze medals and in 2005, a gold medal for June Bain and Margaret Burnett in the women's pairs event and a silver medal for the women's team.

Among the Games community, bowls is also popular sport among the predominantly British islands. The 2005 Games saw bowlers from Alderney, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Jersey, Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles and Ynys Môn all competing at the event in the Clickimin Bowls Hall in Lerwick.

Between appearances at the Games, bowlers in different islands have occasionally organised 'mini-Games' type events to continue to represent their island in the spirit of friendly competition.

Bowls will not unfortunately be appearing in the 2015 Games and so bowls is not currently represented on the SIGA Committee.

Shetland Medals for Bowls

Men's SinglesRichard LovellBronze1987
Men's PairsC. Johnson & D. SturrockBronze1987
Women's PairsBurnett M - Bain JGold2005
Women's Team EventShetlandSilver2005
Men's FoursShetlandBronze2005
Men's PairsBain A - Elphinstone ABronze2005
Men's SinglesGraham JamiesonBronze2005
Women's FoursShetlandBronze2005
Women's SinglesAnne RobertsonBronze2005

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