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Shetland is fortunate in having a strong network of swimming clubs and pools that is the foundation of our swimmers’ performances at the Games.

The swimming events at any Games always attract hundreds of spectators, as well as competitors and officials on poolside.   Like the athletics arena, heats normally take place in the morning and finals take place in the evening. Over 40 individual and relay events take place over the course of four days of short-course swimming competition.

Shetland has been represented in the swimming events at every Games since 1985 in the Isle of Man, where Tracey Conroy won Shetland’s first medals in the pool. In recent years, the performances of swimmers at the Games has risen significantly and with some excellent times from elite swimmers from Faroe, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Our most successful swimmer is Andrea Strachan, who won her first gold medal in Rhodes in 2007 and has since won medals in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 before retiring from competitive swimming. 

Shetland Swimming Association is represented on the SIGA Committee by Lesley Hutchison.

Shetland Medals for Swimming

100m BackstrokeTracy ConroyBronze1985
100m BackstrokeTracy ConroyGold1987
50m FreestyleTracy ConroySilver1989
50m ButterflyTracy ConroySilver1989
50m BackstrokeTracy ConroySilver1989
Women's 100m BreaststrokeAndrea StrachanSilver2007
Women's 50m BreaststrokeAndrea StrachanGold2007
Women's 100m FreestyleAmy HarperBronze2009
Women' 50m BreaststrokeAndrea StrachanBronze2009
Men's 400m FreestyleFelix GiffordBronze2011
Women's 100m BreaststrokeAndrea StrachanGold2011
Women's 100m FreestyleAmy HarperSilver2011
Women's 100m Individual MedleyAndrea StrachanGold2011
Women's 200m FreestyleAmy HarperSilver2011
Women's 200m Individual MedleyAndrea StrachanGold2011
Women's 400m FreestyleAmy HarperBronze2011
Women's 50m BreaststrokeAndrea StrachanGold2011
Women's 50m FreestyleAmy HarperGold2011
Women's 800m FreestyleAmy HarperBronze2011

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