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Cycling is one of the most spectacular sports in the Games week, involving five events - the road race, time trial, road criterium and two mountain bike events - cross country and criterium. The standard of cycling at the Games is high, with some supremely fit and experienced riders from the Channel Islands, Bermuda, Faroe, Gibraltar, Menorca and Saaremaa.

Shetland has some accomplished cyclists who have proved themselves on the British and Scottish cycling circuit. At most Games, Shetland has entered a team on at least the road events and on occasions, also at the mountain bike events.

Our most successful rider at the Games has been Carlos Riise, who is one of Scotland's most experienced time triallists. Carlos has three silver time trial medals to his name. Christine McLean won gold in the women's individual time trial in the Isle of Wight in 2011.  In 2015 in Jersey, Christine won a bronze medal in the Women's Individual Time Trial, along with a silver medal in the Team event, with fellow cyclist, Caroline Simpson.

Shetland Wheelers Cycling Club is represented on the SIGA Committee by Carlos Riise.

Shetland Medals for Cycling

Individual Time Trail 35kmCarlos RiiseSilver1997
Individual Time Trial 50kmCarlos RiiseSilver1999
Time Trial Team Event, Men'sShetlandBronze2001
Men's Individual Time TrialCarlos RiiseSilver2005
Men's Team Time TrialShetlandBronze2005
Women's Individual Time TrialChristine McleanGold2011

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