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Football - Men's

Football is one of the biggest sports in the Games programme and Shetland Men's Football Team have taken part at most Games since 1985.  The Shetland Team, or the County Squad, as they are known locally, includes the cream of football talent from the clubs that play in the local premier football league each summer season.

The Shetland Football Association was formed in 1919 and has overseen many important matches over the years, including regular competition with Orkney in the annual 'Inter-County' clash. Matches have also been held on occasions with visiting teams from Faroe, Norway, the Western Isles and mainland Scotland.

The football events of the Games week include daily training sessions followed a match in the afternoon or evening, at selected football grounds across the host island. The first half of the Games week normally sees each team play perhaps two or three round-robin group matches, with the play-offs and finals towards the end of the Games week.

The highpoint of the Shetland Football Team's participation was winning the gold medal at home in 2005, in the final against Guernsey, watched by capacity crowd of around 5,000 at the Gilbertson Park in Lerwick. Since then, the Shetland Men's Football Team have taken part in the Games in Åland in 2009 and in Jersey in 2015.

Shetland Football Association is currently represented on the SIGA committee by Brian Johnston.

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