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Squash has been included in the Games three times - in Shetland in 2005, the Isle of Wight in 2011 and in Bermuda in 2013.

Squash is a popular racquet sport in Shetland played throughout the isles mostly during the winter months, both recreationally and in local leagues.  A peak of the squash calendar is the annual Inter-County match against neighbouring rivals in Orkney, who have fielded strong squash teams against Shetland in recent years.

Shetland squash player Joan Smith won a hard fought final in Bermuda in 2013 to win silver medal in the Women's Singles event.

The agreed format of the squash competition at the Games includes men’s and women’s singles matches and, where courts are available, also doubles matches. A maximum entry of five men and five women is allowed.

Squash is not included in the programme of events on offer in Gotland in 2017 and so there is no representative on the SIGA Committee.