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Shooting - Pistol & Rifle

The Games shooting programme normally includes air pistol and air rifle events as a minimum. Where available facilities and legislation on the Host Island allow, then there is also the possibility of selected pistol and rifle events, often small-bore and sometimes also full-bore. Target shooting sports exist on many competing islands, where gun laws are often more relaxed, and there is a strong shooting community at the Games.

Members of Lerwick Rifle and Pistol Club have attended previous Games, with our most successful and experienced airpistol shooters being Kevin Gray and Dave Lewis, who have both represented Scotland on a number of occasions. They have both won several Games medals for pistol events, including golds, as individuals and as a pair, since first competing at the 1995 Games in Gibraltar.

Lerwick Rifle and Pistol Club is currently not represented on the SIGA Committee.

Shetland Medals for Shooting - Pistol

Airpistol IndividualKevin GrayBronze1995
Airpistol IndividualDavid LewisGold1997
Airpistol, TeamK. Gray/ D. LewisGold1997
Airpistol IndividualKevin GraySilver1997
Sportpistol IndividualDavid LewisSilver1997
Sportpistol, TeamK. Gray/ D. LewisSilver1997
Percussion Revolver, IndividualRab BickettBronze1997
Persussion Revolver, TeamD. Lewis/ R. BickettBronze1997
Airpistol, IndividualDavid LewisGold1999
Airpistol, TeamShetlandGold1999
Freepistol, IndividualDavid LewisSilver1999
Freepistol, IndividualKevin GrayBronze1999
Sportpistol, IndividualDavid LewisGold1999
Airpistol IndividualKevin GrayBronze2001
Freepistol, IndividualDavid LewisBronze2001
Sportpistol, IndividualDavid LewisBronze2001
Sportpistol, TeamShetlandBronze2001
Airpistol, IndividualKevin GrayBronze2003
Airpistol - PairsK. Gray & I. LaurensonSilver2003
Air Pistol Men IndividualDavid LewisGold2005
Air Pistol Men IndividualKevin GraySilver2005
Air Pistol Men's PairsGray K - Lewis DGold2005
Air Pistol Women IndividualDianne GarrickSilver2005
Air Pistol Women's PairsRobertson L - Garrick DBronze2005

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