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Shetland’s archers have been regular participants at the Games since the first time that archery appeared in the sports programme, in Guernsey in 1987. Our archers normally compete in both classes of bows used in the competition - recurve and compound.

Over the years, the archery team has had many medal successes in individual and team events, and are one of the Shetland’s most successful sports on the medal table. Archers Sara Leith and Billy Finnie have achieved eight gold medals between them.

The format of the Games archery competition is based on a Single FITA event, shot over two days, followed by individual and team head-to-head knockout competitions, shot over a distance of 70 metres.

Shetland Archery Club trains throughout the year in Lerwick, outdoors in the summer months and indoors in the winter months. Several club members compete regularly at competitions on the Scottish mainland and have strong links with Scottish Archery Association.

Shetland Archery Club is represented on the SIGA committee by Dylan Murphy

Shetland Medals for Archery

Recurve, WomenSandra SimpsonBronze1987
Recurve, WomenSandra SimpsonBronze1989
Recurve, WomenSandra SimpsonBronze1991
Recurve, WomenMari JamiesonSilver1995
Recurve TeamShetlandBronze1995
Recurve, MenBilly FinnieBronze1997
Recurve TeamShetlandSilver1997
Recurve, MenBilly FinnieGold1999
Recurve TeamShetlandGold1999
Recurve, MenBilly FinnieGold2001
Recurve TeamShetlandGold2001
Recurve, WomenMorag HughsonSilver2001
Recurve, MenKeith LobbanBronze2003
Compound, WomenSara LeithGold2003
Compound knockout, WomenSara LeithGold2003
Recurve TeamShetlandSilver2003
Recurve knockout, TeamShetlandGold2003
Women's Recurve Head to Head KnockoutMorga HughsonGold2005
Compund Head to Head Team KnockoutShetlandSilver2005
Recurve Head to Head Team KnockoutShetlandSilver2005
Single FITA Men's RecurveKeith LobbanBronze2005
Single FITA Recurve TeamShetlandBronze2005
Compound Head to Head Team KnockoutShetlandSilver2007
Single FITA Compound TeamShetlandSilver2007
Single FITA Women's CompoundSara LeithSilver2007
Women's COmpound Head to Head KnockoutSara LeithSilver2007
Compound Head to Head Team KnockoutShetlandBronze2009
Single FITA Compound TeamShetlandBronze2009
Single FITA Men's CompoundBilly FinnieGold2009
Single FITA Women's CompoundSara LeithBronze2009
Single FITA Compound TeamShetland IslandsSilver2011

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