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As you might expect from an event where all the participants are from islands, sailing and sailboarding are well supported at the Games.

Sailing in Shetland has been a traditional sport for many years and there are several models of dinghies and keelboats seen in the waters around Shetland each summer. Since sailing was first included in the Games for the first time in Gibraltar in 1995, the choice of boat has consistently been the single handed Laser dinghy, sailed with a choice of two rigs, the Standard Rig or the smaller Radial Rig.

Shetland's dinghy sailors have had medal successes in the past, with Graham Tait taking bonze medals in 1999, 2001 and 2005. The Sailing Team also took a bronze medal at home in Shetland in 2005.

Sailboarding at the Games is a smaller event than the dinghy sailing although the level of competition is no less, with some experienced windsurfers from the Channel Islands and the Mediterranean islands often leading the competition. The Shetland Windsurfing Team won a bronze in the team event in 2003 in Guernsey.

Sailing is not included in the programme of events on offer in Gotland in 2017 and so there is no representative on the SIGA Committee.

Shetland Medals for Sailboarding

Team EventShetlandBronze2003

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Shetland Medals for Sailing

Laser RadialGraham TaitBronze1999
Laser RadialGraham TaitBronze2001
Laser RadialGraham TaitBronze2005
Sailing Team EventShetlandBronze2005

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