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Games Supporters Group regroups for Jersey 2015

News Release - Wednesday 28th May 2014

Ahead of next year's NatWest Island Games in Jersey, around forty members of the official Shetland Supporters Group are expected to support Team Shetland at the event. 

The Shetland Supporters Group was formed in 2005, after the Games were held in Shetland that year, giving sports fans from Shetland a chance to spectate and cheer on Team Shetland at future Games.

Local organisers, Sheila Manson and Olive MacLeod, have led the planning since that time, including arrangements for travel and accommodation in each Host Island, as well as sourcing custom branded clothing and badges.

Olive Shetland Supporters Group stalwarts at the athletics track in the Isle of Wight in 2011. From left: Sheila Manson, Dougie Grant, Colin Jamieson, Olive Macleod, Stanley Manson, Ginger Macleod and Roy Leask. Photo: Bob Kerr Enlarge Image Macleod said "We already have around forty names interested in travelling with the Supporters Group to the next Games in Jersey, which will be more affordable than the last Games in Bermuda in 2013.  We enjoy cheering on the Shetland competitors wherever they are during the Games week.  We have great fun among ourselves and with other island teams too."

The only other island with a travelling supporters group is Aland and their fans are known for their colour and noise in support of Team Aland.  There is a close friendship between the two supporters groups, who both come from 'northern' islands of similar populations, and who have both hosted the Games in recent years, as Aland also hosted the Games in 2009.

Andrew Inkster, Chairman of Shetland Island Games Association said "Having a few Shetland fans and flags among the crowds at the Games makes a huge difference to the morale and performances of the Team.  We're very pleased to have the Shetland Supporters Group behind us and I'd urge anyone thinking of travelling to Jersey to get in touch with them soon."

Anyone interested in joining the Shetland Supporters Group and travelling to the "Jersey 2015" Games is invited to attend a meeting at Islesburgh Community Centre, on Thursday 12th June at 7pm, or by getting in touch before then with Olive Macleod on 07917 384953 or o.macleod287@btinternet.com; or Sheila Manson on 07747 710423 or sheila.manson@btinternet.com